Our facility

The Flow Cytometry Facility at iMed.ULisboa provides flow cytometry services and expertise to iMed.ULisboa and FFUL researchers as well as external groups from other research institutes. Our main goal is to promote technological advances and state-of-the-art solutions in flow cytometry by implementing good practices through our services ranging from experimental design to data analysis.


Cell Analyser

  • Cytek Aurora: 4 lasers – violet (405nm), blue (488 nm), yellow-green (561nm) and red (640 nm); High-throughput sample loader compatible with 96-well plates and rack for 40 FACS tubes is available.


  • Flow cytometry Workstation — with SpectroFlo and FCS Express 7 Softwares


  • Training in flow cytometry
  • Consulting in experimental design for flow cytometry-related projects
  • Multicolor antibody panel design
  • Support in sample preparation for flow cytometry
  • Assistance in sample acquisition in the flow cytometry analyzer
  • Training and support in flow cytometry data analysis for troubleshooting and publication


Catarina Godinho
Head of Facility
Miguel Cardoso
Technical Support



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