3rd FLxFlow Course

The 3rd FLxFlow Course – Principles and Applications of Flow Cytometry, will happen in May 2021 in a mixed format: the theoretical modules will be online through videoconference platform and the hands-on modules will be in person in the 4 organising institutions: Champalimaud Foundation, CEDOC, Instituto de Medicina Molecular and Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.


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Vacancies are limited for practical session.



Speakers and Trainers

Marta Monteiro (IGC)

José Rino (iMM – João Lobo Antunes)

Mariana Fernandes (iMM – João Lobo Antunes)

Cláudia Andrade (CEDOC)

Ana Vieira (Champalimaud Foundation)

Andy Filby (Newcastle University)

• Serena di Cecilia (FlowJo)

Rui Gardner (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

Joanne Lannigan (Flow Cytometry Support Services, LLC)


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