Joanne Lannigan

Joanne Lannigan, M.S. is the CEO of Flow Cytometry Support Services, LLC, a flow cytometry consulting company that provides services to companies and academic institutions in the areas of training, application development/testing, product development, marketing, and shared resource management.

Joanne has over 38 years of flow cytometry experience serving in roles as a Flow Cytometry Shared Resource  Director at the University of Virginia for 17 years, as well as Technical Director of a Clinical Immunology and Flow Cytometry Laboratory at the University Medical Center of the State University of New York at Stony Brook for 17 years.

One of Joanne’s greatest passions is submicron particle analysis by flow cytometry, an area for which she has been actively involved for the last ten years. She is currently an active member of the EV Flow Cytometry Working Group, whose mission is to educate users and standardize the measurements of EVs by flow cytometry.