Cláudia Andrade

Cláudia Andrade graduated in Anatomical Pathology, Cytology and Tanatology and obtained her Master degree in Techniques of Molecular Biology and Cytomics in Health Sciences at the Polytechnic Health Institute of the North, Portugal. Since the early years of graduation, she developed and participated in several research projects, mainly focusing on the effect of anti-platelet agents on platelet activation responses. She also carried out studies regarding the importance of genetic variability on platelet activation and reactivity, in order to evaluate the polymorphic sites in haemostatic genes of potential pharmacogenetic interest. In her research activity, flow cytometry has been a core fundamental. Therefore, she worked as a Flow Cytometry technician at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Portugal, operating cell sorters and assisting researchers with different analyzers. During her working experience, she participated in different technological research projects, which contributed to improve experiments of flow cytometry and the operation of these kind of instruments.

Presently, she is the Head of the  Flow Cytometry Facility at the NOVA Medical School (NMS), Portugal with responsibilities in, managing, supervision and technical assistance in the operation of flow instruments and cell sorters, and contribute to the improvement of the education and scientific development of collaborations involving flow cytometry technologies.