Marta Monteiro

Marta Monteiro, PhD, is Head of Flow Cytometry at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência since 2016.

Marta has a PhD in Immunology and more than 15 years of experience in Flow Cytometry from several European institutions and multiple international projects. Before becoming Flow Cytometry Head at the IGC, Marta has worked as a researcher for 15 years, in Portugal and abroad; has been an Assistant Professor in the Medical School of University of Lisbon; and has also worked in industry, heading the R&D department of a multinational pharmaceutical company. She is author of several publications, one of which has given rise to a patent registration and an award-winning entrepreneurship project, leading to the foundation of a start-up.

Probably influenced by the countless crime and mystery books she reads, Marta loves to solve problems and create innovative solutions. That is why she is thrilled to help you designing the appropriate flow cytometry approach for your biological question or finding ways of overcoming the obstacles you may find in your experiments. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact her whenever you need!