Marta Monteiro

Marta Monteiro, PhD, is Head of Flow Cytometry & Antibodies at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.

Marta Monteiro has a PhD in Immunology and two decades of experience in Flow Cytometry from several European institutions and multiple international projects.

Currently, she is Head of Flow Cytometry & Antibodies at the Gulbenkian Institute for Science (IGC) in Portugal, and also Core Facility Speaker, representing all IGC facilities. Before that, Marta has worked as a researcher for 15 years, in Portugal and abroad; has been an Assistant Professor in the Medical School of the University of Lisbon; and has also worked in industry, heading the R&D department of a multinational pharmaceutical company. She is author of many scientific publications and co-inventor of a patent that was at the origin of an award-winning entrepreneurship project and the foundation of a start-up. With her strong scientific know-how and effective experience in core facility management, Marta also collaborates with Agendo for business development and marketing.