Tim Bushnell

Tim Bushnell, PhD, is director of University Rochester Medical Center Shared Resources Laboratories and Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Hematology

As the Director of URMC’s Shared Resource Laboratories, Tim Bushnell serves as an ambassador for building the bridge between basic science research facilities and clinical scientists in order to drive clinical and translational research at the University of Rochester.

“We don’t make the science, we help make it better”, Tim Bushnell.

In addition, Tim is a partner of ExCyte, a cloud-based platform that gathers expert information about flow cytometry and aims to make cutting-edge flow cytometry training available to everyone.

In his own words, Tim is passionate about flow cytometry and enjoys “answering paradigm-shifting questions and finding new ways to enhance old procedures”. His personal mission is “to make flow cytometry education accessible, relevant, and fun”.