2nd FLxFlow Course

The 2nd FLxFlow Course covered the fundamentals of flow cytometry technology and built up the knowledge of the attendees through a series of lectures, exercises, practical examples and interactive learning. The course was designed to ensure that the attendees were confident to design, carry out, analyse and present their flow cytometry data. It consisted of three modules: basic, advanced and hands-on.

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left to right: Claudia Dumrese, Tim Bushnell, Rui Gardner, Ana Vieira, José Rino, Cláudia Andrade, Marta Monteiro

1st FLxFlow Course

left to right: José Rino, Marta Monteiro, Alexandre Salvador, Tim Bushnell, Derek Davies, Cláudia Andrade and Ana Vieira

The 1st FLxFlow course introduced the basic principles and applications of flow cytometry to beginners. From fluorophores and panel design, instruments operation, required controls and statistical analysis to data publication and potential applications. The course consisted of theoretical talks and practical sessions with remote teaching where students learned how to set up an experiment, run a multi-color experiment, perform compensation and analyze data. There were also practical hands-on sessions in immunophenotyping, cell cycle, cell death & apoptosis and imaging flow cytometry.

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3rd FLxFlow Course

The Champalimaud Foundation Flow Cytometry Platform co-organized with IGC, iMM and CEDOC the third edition of the FLxFlow Course: Principles and Applications of Flow Cytometry. In 2021 and due to the pandemic situation, the course was online through videoconference platform.

This course covered basic and advanced cytometry topics and comprise lectures taught by national and international experts in the field. This was an international course that received over 150 participants from Portuguese and foreign academic and non-academic institutions.



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Speakers and Trainers

FLxFlow Team

Ana Vieira (Champalimaud Foundation)

Cláudia Andrade (CEDOC)

Mariana Fernandes (iMM – João Lobo Antunes)

Marta Monteiro (IGC)

Invited Speakers

Andrew Filby (Newcastle University)

José Rino (iMM – João Lobo Antunes)

Rui Gardner (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

Joanne Lannigan (Flow Cytometry Support Services, LLC)